Musicians Only

  • We connect musicians and their audiences to charities and causes making a difference in the world through crowdfunding campaigns.
  • The musician chooses the cause or charity they want to fundraise for, identify a few items or “perks” to incentivize giving such as personalized merchandise, VIP tickets, exclusive downloads or videos.
  • Fans then select the perk that they want and the proceeds go to the charity. It’s that simple!
  • There is no minimum funding requirement for how much a campaign must raise in order to receive their donations.

Why Start Campaigning?

Producing standalone charity concerts are time consuming and costly.
With Rocking Causes, any concert can become a charity concert for no extra fee.

Quantifying impact made by a campaign is challenging without a central fundraising database.
Rocking Causes gathers data from each of our campaigns and shares it with both the artist and the benefiting charity, allowing them to capture and engage new donors on an on-going basis.

Sparking Philanthropy

By engaging younger audiences, leveraging the connectivity of social media, Rocking Causes is primed to attract, educate and engage the next generation of philanthropists.
Individual musicians, groups, festivals and venues can participate in creating campaigns on Rocking Causes’ platform for both immediate relief funding or long-term capital campaigns.

Crowdfunding Works

The power of crowdfunding is undeniable! The sector currently raises more than 5 billion dollars annually, with a third of that going to social causes. Those numbers are projected to rise to more than 90 billion dollars annually by 2025, making Rocking Causes a powerful platform for change.


Next Steps...

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